Hezbollah fires 62 missiles toward Israeli positions

2024-01-06 12:02:57
Hezbollah fires 62 missiles toward Israeli positions

Hezbollah issued a statement on Saturday, announcing that in their first response to the assassination of Martyr Saleh al-Arouri, a senior leader of Hamas, and his entourages, the Lebanese resistance movement fired 62 various missiles towards the Meron surveillance base, inflicting casualties upon Israeli forces.

According to the Hezbollah’s statement, the Meron surveillance base is the only command and control headquarters of the regime in northern occupied territories; so, there is no substitute for it in that region to shoulder its duties.

Some Israeli media outlets confirmed that a missile hit an area near an important military center in Mount Meron region located in northern Israeli-occupied territories. Other Israeli media emphasized Hezbollah tried to target an intelligence headquarters in Mount Meron.

Hezbollah also launched missiles from southern Lebanon to hit the Israeli regime’s military positions in Al-Jalil Al-Alaa region in northern occupied territories.

According to Al Jazeera TV network, Lebanese resistance fighters also carried out a drone attack on an important headquarters belonging to the Israeli regime in the same region.

Sirens sounded in several areas of the Al-Jalil Al-Alaa region to caution drone attacks.

Al Jazeera correspondent reported that six Kornet missiles were launched against different military centers of the Israeli regime near Lebanon’s border.

The regime’s Channel 12 TV also reported sirens heard in 94 settlements and cities, including Safed and Karmiel in Al-Jalil Al-Alaa region, following the missile attacks from Lebanon.

Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV network reported that Hezbollah fighters started heavy missile strike against Israeli positions.

Simultaneous with the Hezbollah missile attacks, Israeli artillery units kicked off shelling some areas in southern Lebanon, and its warplanes started flying over southern Lebanon’s airspace.

(Source: Agencies)


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