Yemen envoy Iran says US seeks to spread war across region

2024-01-15 14:53:56
Yemen envoy Iran says US seeks to spread war across region

Yemen’s ambassador to Iran says the United States and its Western allies seek to prevent Yemen from supporting the people of Gaza amid Israel's genocidal war on the besieged Palestinian territory.

Ibrahim Mohammad al-Deilami made the comment while elaborating on the recent attacks on Yemen by the US and the UK in an interview with Iran's ISNA news agency on Saturday.

"The Americans seek to expand the scope of the war across the region, and we have already warned them to avoid any foolish act," Deilami said, adding, "The United States is responsible for whatever that may happen in the Red Sea."

The Yemeni diplomat asserted that his country does not want further spread of the war in the region, adding, "However, the Americans are trying to expand the scope of the war [in order] to deflect attention from the issue of Palestine."

The attacks on Yemen began on Friday, when the United States and Britain started targeting the country with warplanes and Tomahawk missiles.

The attacks came in response to a series of anti-Israel operations that Yemeni forces have been staging in the Red Sea in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which is under a genocidal Israeli war with Washington's full support.

The relentless Israeli military aggression has so far killed at least 23,843 people, most of them women and children, while 60,317 others have been wounded.


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