African firms advancing inclusive education using technology

2024-01-15 16:09:02
African firms advancing inclusive education using technology

Africa is at a pivotal moment, boasting immense potential with the world’s youngest population. By 2030, the continent’s working-age population is projected to increase by two-thirds, from 370 million adults in 2010 to over 600 million, according to World Bank estimates.

This demographic shift positions Africa as a key global player. Yet, significant challenges persist, with UNESCO highlighting that 98 million children and young people, half of them girls, are out of school Urgent action is needed to create accessible, inclusive educational systems that equip young Africans with 21st-century skills.

In response, African organizations are spearheading transformative efforts. The African Union has declared 2024 the year of education, aligning with the Continental Education Strategy (CESA 16-25) focused on resilient systems for increased access to quality learning.

Central to this transformation is the integration of technology in education, championed by African-led initiatives to not only respond to the gaps exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic but also the systemic educational challenges.

These innovations in technology are cultivating market-relevant skills and fostering resilient educational systems that offer inclusive, accessible lifelong learning while highlighting the need for technical and vocational education alongside conventional learning pathways.

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