Iran says keen to promote political ties with Sudan

2024-01-20 20:29:00
Iran says keen to promote political ties with Sudan

Iran's Vice President Mohammad Mokhber says Tehran is interested in promoting political ties with Sudan following the restoration of relations after seven years.

Mokhber made the comment in a Saturday meeting with Sudanese acting Foreign Minister Ali al-Sadiq in Uganda's capital Kampala on the sidelines of the 19th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Tehran and Khartoum decided to restore relations to serve the two countries' interests after Iran and Saudi Arabia signed a China-brokered agreement in March 2023 to resume ties following a seven-year hiatus.

Mokhber said Iran and Sudan have a common stance on the need to support the oppressed Palestinian people and called on Muslim countries to make more efforts to stop Israel's crimes in the Gaza Strip.

He said the Palestinian resistance groups have succeeded in crushing the hegemony of Israel and the United States as the regime's great benefactor in the region.

The Iranian official called for mounting international pressure to lift Gaza's blockade and provide immediate relief to its oppressed people.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian vice president warned against plots by outsiders such as the Israeli regime to stoke unrest in Sudan. He said support for the Muslim people of Sudan and its legal government with the purpose of establishing peace and stability in the country is a principled stance taken by Iran.

Sadiq, for his part, said Sudan was not interested in severing ties with Iran but it is now making efforts to boost mutual relations.

He held Israel and some of its regional allies responsible for the recent developments in Sudan and said his country has been victimized by foreign intervention.

The Israeli regime supported conflicts in Sudan because Khartoum refused to normalize ties with Tel Aviv, he said.

The top Sudanese diplomat said his country supported the Palestinian cause as a centerpiece of its political agenda and that Khartoum would continue its efforts to put an end to the ongoing crisis in Gaza and help its people.


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