Iran president says supports South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

2024-01-21 21:38:16
Iran president says supports South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says Tehran supports South Africa's "smart and historic" move to file a case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over crimes against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with South Africa's new Ambassador to Tehran Francis Molloy on Sunday as he received his credentials.

"South Africa's move in complaining about the crimes of the Zionist regime (Israel) is a historic, lasting and commendable action and the Islamic Republic of Iran supports this smart and wise action."

Raeisi also hailed "very good and advancing" relations between the two countries and said no obstacle can hinder the promotion of ties.

The South African ambassador, for his part, vowed to take constructive steps to boost relations in order to serve the interests of the two nations and countries.

Nicaragua pursues 'humanitarian' stance on crimes of Israel

In a meeting with Ramón Alberto Moncada Colindres, the new ambassador of Nicaragua to Tehran, on Sunday, Raeisi said Nicaragua pursues a humanitarian and justice-seeking stance on international issues, including Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people.

"If other countries have had such a position, the Zionist regime (Israel) and its supporters would not have dared to commit such crimes against the oppressed but strong Palestinian people."

Raeisi underscored the importance of following up on the full implementation of the agreements reached between the two countries during his visit to Managua in June 2023.

Nicaragua's ambassador, for his part, said Tehran and Managua are making efforts to promote relations in various fields.


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