American youth faith in US Army sliding: Poll

2024-02-04 13:22:12
American youth faith in US Army sliding: Poll

The poll by the Pew Research Center indicated that 53 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 opine the military has a negative effect on the way things are going in the United States.

According to a December 2023 article on the US Department of Defense (DOD) website, Generation Z or Gen Z, which is the generation born between 1997 and 2012, generally has low trust in US institutions, and this generation is less likely to follow traditional life and career paths.

American weekly news magazine Newsweek quoted US Department of Defense (DOD) official Ashish Vazirani as saying that the military service collectively missed its recruitment goals by roughly 41,000 recruits last fiscal year.

The Pew survey was carried out between January 16 and 21, and had a margin of error for the full sample of 5,140 US adult respondents.

Official statistics also indicate that the number of young people who had never thought about serving in the US military doubled in the past two decades.

(Source: Agencies)


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