SafeBoda launches SafeCar in Kenya

2024-02-06 09:13:00
SafeBoda launches SafeCar in Kenya

After a hiatus of three years from the Kenyan market, SafeBoda is making a comeback, potentially proving that a second attempt might just be the winning charm.

The startup, initially recognized for its motorcycle ride-hailing services, is now expanding its offerings to include car-hailing services alongside its traditional boda boda options. The newly introduced car service is aptly named SafeCar.

This tactical adjustment highlights the enhanced profitability and superior unit economics linked to car-hailing services. By achieving significant market penetration in Uganda and outperforming Uber with its car-hailing offerings, SafeCar is now setting its sights on Kenya’s expansive market, which is on par with South Africa and Nigeria’s size.

Starting on the 8th of February, Kenyans will have access to Safeboda and SafeCar services.

Facing established giants such as Uber, Bolt, and Little Cab, alongside newcomers like Fara, SafeBoda’s re-entry into the Kenyan market will be a crucial test of its ability to adapt and remain competitive in the rapidly changing African ride-hailing scene.

SafeCar Electric Fleet

An interesting aspect to observe will be the composition of the SafeCar fleet. Since its previous exit, the e-mobility sector in Kenya has seen significant growth, prompting leading companies in this space to incorporate electric motorbikes and vehicles into their fleets.

With prominent e-mobility startups like Roam establishing assembly plants within the country, SafeBoda will probably follow in the footsteps of companies like Uber by integrating electric boda bodas and cars into its fleet.

The comeback of this ride-hailing startup may well indicate to the industry that exiting the market does not spell the end.

(Source: Agencies)


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