Iran mastered tech for cloud seeding: VP

2024-02-11 07:15:16
Iran mastered tech for cloud seeding: VP

Iran’s Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy Rouhollah Dehqani Firouzabadi has said that Iranian knowledge-based companies have developed their own cloud seeding technology.

Cloud seeding refers to a weather modification technique in which substances, such as silver iodide or other seeding agents, are dispersed into clouds to stimulate cloud formation and enhance precipitation.

Dehqani Firouzabadi said that the current cloud seeding technology is an old one that has been used for years and involves atmospheric ionization.

He added that with an annual budget of 5,000 billion rials, Iran could achieve a reasonable level of rainfall in five years.

He also said that Iran has domestically produced flares and cloud-seeding materials of high quality, which have been verified by foreign laboratories.

Earlier in 2022, Majid Aliabadi, the managing director of Novin Tajhiz Danesh Faza Fajr company and a faculty member of the Birjand branch of the Islamic Azad University said, “The ground generators for cloud seeding have now successfully passed the stages of laboratory and field tests and are ready for mass-production on an industrial scale.”

These generators, which are installed on high altitudes and mountainous areas, special formulations of special cloud seeding materials are used along with propane gas and acetone solution to create rain-making nuclei, he added.

(Source: Agencies)


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