Iran legend picked as Diving Federation's ambassador

2024-02-11 07:31:19
Iran legend picked as Diving Federation's ambassador

An Iranian professional diver of the 1950s and 60s has made headlines after returning to the world games for a ceremonial dive and was picked as the ambassador of the International Diving Federation.

Taghi Asgari, 99, was crowned a special ambassador of the global swimming body World Aquatics after he performed a 1-meter dive in Doha on Saturday.

Videos showed him hiding his tears after he received a medal from authorities and was applauded by the audience in the pool.

Asgari won a silver and bronze medal at the inaugural Asian Games in New Delhi in 1951. He then said goodbye to diving in 1966 after winning a national gold medal.

“For me, I have had a love of diving since I was a teenager. I have always loved diving. Nothing has changed between 1951 and now, except my performance!” he told the World Aquatics website.

Asgari was born and raised in the slopes of Alborz Mountain in Shemiran, located to the north of the Iranian capital, Tehran, where he still lives.

The old diver gave his recommendations to current and future competitors in aquatic games.

“The only thing I want to tell you is about loving this sport and to keep yourself healthy,” said Asgari.

(Source: Agencies)


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