Settlers’ rally against Netanyahu turns violent

2024-02-11 07:41:17
Settlers’ rally against Netanyahu turns violent

A rally against the Israeli prime minister in occupied Palestine turned violent on Saturday night after Zionist police attacked the protesters who were demanding the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli media reported that the police clashed with protesters who were chanting slogans against Netanyahu regime and blocking a road in Tel Aviv.

Some reports suggest several protesters were injured in the clashes and some were arrested by the Zionist police. Authorities have not specified the number of injuries or arrests.

The Zionist newspaper Haaretz reported that thousands surrounded the Netanyahu's residence to demand a deal with the Palestinian resistance movements to get Israeli captives released.

Demonstrators also demanded the early elections, an issue Netanyahu is trying to avoid, with some calling the war on Gaza a pre-planned move to distract Israeli public opinion.

Israelis have held a number of anti-Netanyahu rallies, blaming the prime minister for the Gaza war and his failure to free captives held by Palestinian fighters.

(Source: Agencies)


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