Renda Africa boosts businesses across continent

2024-02-11 08:11:53
Renda Africa boosts businesses across continent

Renda Africa, a premier provider of third-party fulfillment solutions in Nigeria, has unveiled an innovative technology platform called Renda360. This platform stands out as the first to consolidate and offer straightforward access to comprehensive fulfillment infrastructure necessary for businesses aiming to expand smoothly and effectively across Africa.

Renda360 aids companies in streamlining their fulfillment processes, handling risks, minimizing losses, enhancing market reach, ensuring visibility in route-to-market activities, cutting costs, and boosting profits.

Annually, the African consumer goods sector experiences a revenue shortfall exceeding $15 billion, attributed to a disjointed distribution network and markets that are costly to serve. Through the Renda platform, businesses are empowered to penetrate new and challenging markets, remove numerous supply chain middlemen that hinder profit margins, and achieve instant insight into their entire fulfillment operations.

Renda360 introduces a novel strategy by consolidating every necessary service for businesses to complete orders and distribute products across Africa into one integrated platform. This includes options for adaptable warehousing, instantaneous inventory oversight, processing of orders, transportation and freight services, real-time shipment tracking, collection of payments and financial reconciliation.

In its initial two years of operations within Nigeria, Renda has been dedicated to offering tailored fulfillment and distribution services to more than 500 medium and large-scale businesses. This support has enabled these businesses to reach out to a vast customer base of over 50,000 individuals. In pursuit of its grand vision to become the premier fulfillment partner for enterprises across Africa, Renda expanded its operations to Kenya in 2023.

(Source: Agencies)


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